Secret Garden

Post-rock anthems collide with contemplative piano melodies, combining quiet moments of reflection with soaring orchestral soundscapes. The sounds and rhythms take listeners on an emotive and hopeful journey.

Tracey began writing her first instrumental album as a personal creative project, while living in the UK in 2010. As things progressed, she discovered the ambient and post-rock genres through artists like Lowercase Noises, Random Forest, Rhian Sheehan, Tom Day and Hammock, and was inspired to release her debut album Defining Moments ‘into the wild’ in 2012.

After returning to her Australian home-base, Tracey continued her passion for writing instrumental music, combining reflective piano melodies with cinematic soundscapes, releasing subsequent albums Third Place, launched in October 2013, followed by Nightsky in February 2015.

Over the past year Tracey has been writing many more songs from the heart and has now released her fourth album Secret Garden on 5th January 2017.

Tracey Chattaway


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Secret Garden

Released 5 Jan 2017

01 Soar 4:44
02 Together 1:03
03 Your Hand in Mine 3:52
04 Light Years 5:03
05 Glimpses of You 3:43
06 Home 4:53
07 Open Fields 1:03
08 Here at Last 3:05
09 To Hope 4:49
10 Rise 3:06

19 Feb 2015

Third Place

17 Oct 2013

Defining Moments

16 Nov 2012

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

30 Oct 2014



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